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The Mysteries at Boleskine House

With owners like Aleister Crowley and Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, and bizarre history of fires while allegedly being built atop a cemetery, the Boleskine House in the Scottish Highlands has quite the reputation. Did Aleister Crowley’s occultist rituals leave behind evil remnants that continue to haunt the space, and leave him with the moniker “The Beast of Boleskine”? Did a local wizard in the 17th century really raise bodies of the dead, giving a local minister the not-so-fun job of having to put reanimated corpses back in their graves on that land? 

John Tornow: The Wild Man of the Wynoochee

Wild men or feral men have long been a part of legend. Some even believe they account for some of the Bigfoot sightings throughout history. 

John Tornow reached legend status when his desire to be left alone in the wilderness turned murderous. But what really happened? Who was John Tornow and how much of the story reported was twisted by those who were left behind in the end? 

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Cases of Past Lives & Reincarnation

What happens when we die? Where do our energy, personalities, and memories go after death? There have been many cases over the years of young children who remember past lives in incredible detail, some of which are proven to be true (allegedly). Join us as we discuss the origins of reincarnation, past life memories, and truly Scully whether or not these experiences are legit.

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