Priest’s Assassination Cold Case Gets Warmer with Medieval Murder Maps

This is a tale of two stories, really. One, an unsolved murder from hundreds of years ago fueled by romance, revenge, and politics, and the other, a modern-day criminologist and professor who began mapping medieval crimes to help better understand how the criminal justice system began and evolved. The two stories intertwined when said criminologist began to explore this cold case, and eventually, helped to come up with some resolutions, 686 years later.

Why was John Ford murdered mafia-style in broad daylight in London back in 1337? What was his connection to English noblewoman, Ella FitzPayne, and was she really to blame? Dr. Manuel Eisner’s pursuit of answers through the creation of Medieval Murder Maps helped unravel some of these questions that went unanswered for hundreds of years. Join us as we dissect both stories and better understand their intersection of history, crime, and political motive. 

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Audio Editing by Maxwell Holechek