The Enigma of Spontaneous Human Combustion

Bizarre cases of what have been identified as spontaneous human combustion have left investigators scratching their heads for centuries. Victims suddenly burst into flames, died grisly deaths within seconds, and left behind only a pile of ashes, and sometimes feet. There have been hundreds of cases of alleged spontaneous human combustion dating back to the 17th century, and before science could Scully what happened exactly, demonic and paranormal explanations ran rampant. Join us as we discuss a plethora of spontaneous human combustion cases that challenge both superstition and science.

The Ghosts of Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier draws huge numbers every year to its shores. People come to swim and have a good time. But beneath the surface a dark history lurks. Lake Lanier was created on top of towns and the history of the area is tragic and bloody. Is the lake haunted? Cursed? Let’s look beneath the surface of Lake Lanier. 

Edited by Maxwell Holechek

Bizarre Tales from Appalachia

Appalachia holds its mysterious cards close, and with its cultural background, it is ripe for legend and lore that manifests into bizarre actual beliefs. Join us for a real Appalachian buffet of the strange and unusual. We’ve got it all: Cryptids, Native American lore, deformed humanoids, aliens, and unsolved disappearances. But what is believable, and what is just lore?

Edited by Max Holechek

Cursed Movies: Rebel Without a Cause

The classic tale of teen angst isn’t just remembered as a coming of age drama, it’s also notorious for all three of its leads meeting tragic fates…

Where all three actors dying before the age of 45 is certainly tragic, how much was that was truly a curse and how much was it the inevitability of death claiming us all sooner or later?

Edited by Maxwell Holechek 

Unsolved: The Tube Sock Killings

In 1985 a string of murders in Mineral Washington left police baffled. What initially seemed isolated became connected by a tube sock left on some of the victims.  Piecing together suspects and looking for other connected murders has still left us with more questions than answers. Was this the work of a serial killer? Or a seeming tragic string of unconnected events? 

Audio Editing by Maxwell Holechek

Priest’s Assassination Cold Case Gets Warmer with Medieval Murder Maps

This is a tale of two stories, really. One, an unsolved murder from hundreds of years ago fueled by romance, revenge, and politics, and the other, a modern-day criminologist and professor who began mapping medieval crimes to help better understand how the criminal justice system began and evolved. The two stories intertwined when said criminologist began to explore this cold case, and eventually, helped to come up with some resolutions, 686 years later.

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The Hammersmith Ghost and the Death of Thomas Millwood

In late 1803, a ghost started terrorizing Hammersmith London and soon led to a very real life murder. 

While walking home one night Thomas Millwood was tragically mistaken for the ghost and killed. And the ensuing murder trial raised a number of questions. Who was the Hammersmith ghost? Was it real or a prank?

The Mysteries of the Hoia Baciu Forest

Deep in the heart of Cluj-Napoca, Romania lies what some call the “Bermuda Triangle of Romania.” The Hoia Baciu Forest has quite the reputation of bizarre happenings – between reports of paranormal phenomena like UFO sightings, ghosts, weird energy fields, and a clearing where nothing living can grow, to mysterious red and orange lights and disappearing children, it’s even been the subject of lots of scientific research trying explain what exactly is going on there. 
But are these bizarre happenings explicable? What exactly is causing this serenely beautiful place to gain such a dark reputation?

Edited by Maxwell Holechek

Ask the Ghouls: WWGTD?

Happy New Year, Ghouls! You asked, and we answered. Literally. Thanks to those who are curious about the pod and what we do, this episode focuses on a Q&A posed to Kim and Gabi about the podcast! Thank you to those of you who asked questions and stay curious (and spooky). We had a blast!

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