A Tale of Two (Haunted?) Castles

Travel with us to Europe’s 12th century, to two allegedly haunted castles with origin stories to write home about. Burg Eltz – a German castle haunted by the brave woman who died at the hands of her fiancĂ©, defending her home after a very unwanted kiss. Predjama Castle – a Slovenian castle built into a cave, haunted by the owner who was killed by a cannon while on the toilet.

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Cases of Past Lives & Reincarnation

What happens when we die? Where do our energy, personalities, and memories go after death? There have been many cases over the years of young children who remember past lives in incredible detail, some of which are proven to be true (allegedly). Join us as we discuss the origins of reincarnation, past life memories, and truly Scully whether or not these experiences are legit.

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