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Bizarre Tales from Appalachia

Appalachia holds its mysterious cards close, and with its cultural background, it is ripe for legend and lore that manifests into bizarre actual beliefs. Join us for a real Appalachian buffet of the strange and unusual. We’ve got it all: Cryptids, Native American lore, deformed humanoids, aliens, and unsolved disappearances. But what is believable, and what is just lore?

Edited by Max Holechek

The Origin of the Vampire

Vampires have always been terrifying, alluring, and mysterious. The folklore surrounding vampirism dates back centuries, and is still a hypnotic bite of lore today. But where did the lore come from originally? And how did such lore and fear of the unknown catapult the vampire epidemic to its peak? You think you may know, but do you? 

Join us for a deep dive into the history of vampire legend and lore, with a light splatter of vampiric tales as spooky season picks up momentum!

The Oregon Vortex & House of Mystery

One of the oldest OG Americana roadside attractions, The Oregon Vortex and House of Mystery attracts tourists, skeptics, and Mulders alike. With bizarre energy, trees that grow away from its center, animals that won’t enter, and its allegedly unexplained properties, it has been the cause of mystery for decades. Join us as we review every possible explanation of the weird behind this location – we’ve got it all: ghosts, aliens, demonic portals, optical illusions, capitalism, you name it!

John Tornow: The Wild Man of the Wynoochee

Wild men or feral men have long been a part of legend. Some even believe they account for some of the Bigfoot sightings throughout history. 

John Tornow reached legend status when his desire to be left alone in the wilderness turned murderous. But what really happened? Who was John Tornow and how much of the story reported was twisted by those who were left behind in the end? 

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The Highgate Vampire

In 1970, a case of vampire hysteria hit London with the alleged sighting of a blood thirsty entity in Highgate Cemetery. Join us for a wild ride full of superstition, occultism, death, media, hysteria, paranormal investigations, and the classic case of 2 men who tried to one up each other with who could stake the claim (pun intended) on this bizarre entity sighting in an old London cemetery.

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