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Unsolved: The Tube Sock Killings

In 1985 a string of murders in Mineral Washington left police baffled. What initially seemed isolated became connected by a tube sock left on some of the victims.  Piecing together suspects and looking for other connected murders has still left us with more questions than answers. Was this the work of a serial killer? Or a seeming tragic string of unconnected events? 

Audio Editing by Maxwell Holechek

Priest’s Assassination Cold Case Gets Warmer with Medieval Murder Maps

This is a tale of two stories, really. One, an unsolved murder from hundreds of years ago fueled by romance, revenge, and politics, and the other, a modern-day criminologist and professor who began mapping medieval crimes to help better understand how the criminal justice system began and evolved. The two stories intertwined when said criminologist began to explore this cold case, and eventually, helped to come up with some resolutions, 686 years later.

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The Disappearance of Kenny Veach

In 2014 hiker Kenny Veach posted a YouTube video about his experience with a mysterious cave that left him shaking and with a strange feeling of dread. Prompted by other commenters, he would set out to find the cave again and never return…

What happened to Kenny Veach? Did he get lost in the desert? Abducted by aliens? Start a new life someone somewhere? Does the mysterious M Cave exist or was it all an elaborate hoax? The quest for answers only leads to more questions. 

TW: Talk of suicide.

The Disembodied Feet of the Salish Sea

Since August 2007, at least 20 disembodied human feet have been found in shoes on the coasts of British Columbia and Washington state, with the most recent foot washing ashore this past summer. 

But why? Where did all of these disembodied feet come from? Was it another PNW serial killer dumping bodies into the Salish Sea? Was it foul play? Or was it a result of natural causes? And why just the feet? Join us as we put our best foot forward in undressing this weird podalic phenomenon. 

TW: brief discussion of suicide.

Rodney Alcala: The Dating Game Killer Part 2

In Part 2 of our two part episode, the case takes a turn for the bizarre when Alcala competes on an episode of The Dating Game. His killing spree was as far from over….join us as we dive into the remaining crimes, his capture, and ultimately a slew of potential victims still waiting to be identified. 

Rodney Alcala: The Dating Game Killer Part 1

Rodney Alcala grew to notoriety for having appeared on The Dating Game while he was in the midst of a murder spree. But what do we really know about him? 

In the first of this two part episode we look at Rodney’s early years, early arrests and far too many early releases which culminated in the start of a series of brutal murders. 

TW: Child abuse, rape, murder.

Haunted Franklin Castle

Franklin Castle is considered by some to be one of the most haunted places in the United States. But what’s the true history?

Hannes Tiedemann had the castle built. Was he a monster who killed his children and servants, damning them to forever haunt the halls or was his story a product of people desperate for a good story to explain some of the strange happenings? Join us as we delve into the true history of Franklin Castle. 

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Christina Kettlewell: The Eight Day Bride

Christina Kettlewell had only been married 8 days when her body would be found dead under mysterious circumstances. 

The ensuing investigation only amplified the bizarre circumstances surrounding her final months. How did she die? Was it suicide or could it have been murder? And how did her husbands longtime friend Ronald Barrie factor into the whole thing? 

The Los Feliz Murder Mansion: Part Two

TW: murder and suicide.

Most people have heard of the Los Feliz Murder House. If you have the internet, you’ve probably heard about it. A tale of a murder suicide in the 50’s during Christmas time, where a doctor had killed his wife, attempted to kill his daughter, then killed himself with Nembutal and pills. The house was then left as it was post murder for decades – a literal 1950’s time capsule – with rumors of the paranormal, eventually becoming a hot spot for dark tourism.

In part two of this two part topic, we discuss the history of the house, the curse associated with it, and the weirdness of patterns of deaths and abandonment of the home for years.  Is the house and property really haunted? Was it really lived in all those years? And who owns it now? Join us as we debunk this urban legend and bring some truth to the decades of bizarre stories.