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The Von Erich’s: Wrestling’s Most Tragic Family

Trigger Warning: Talk of suicide.

In the early 80s, the Von Erich family was wrestling royalty. An unstoppable wrestling dynasty founded by Father Fritz and followed by sons David, Kevin and Kerry. But soon tragedy after tragedy would hit the family in an unimaginable way. The true story of what would be dramatized in The Iron Claw contains even more devastation than what would play out on the silver screen.

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Bizarre Tales from Appalachia

Appalachia holds its mysterious cards close, and with its cultural background, it is ripe for legend and lore that manifests into bizarre actual beliefs. Join us for a real Appalachian buffet of the strange and unusual. We’ve got it all: Cryptids, Native American lore, deformed humanoids, aliens, and unsolved disappearances. But what is believable, and what is just lore?

Edited by Max Holechek

Cursed Movies: Rebel Without a Cause

The classic tale of teen angst isn’t just remembered as a coming of age drama, it’s also notorious for all three of its leads meeting tragic fates…

Where all three actors dying before the age of 45 is certainly tragic, how much was that was truly a curse and how much was it the inevitability of death claiming us all sooner or later?

Edited by Maxwell Holechek 

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The Mysteries of the Hoia Baciu Forest

Deep in the heart of Cluj-Napoca, Romania lies what some call the “Bermuda Triangle of Romania.” The Hoia Baciu Forest has quite the reputation of bizarre happenings – between reports of paranormal phenomena like UFO sightings, ghosts, weird energy fields, and a clearing where nothing living can grow, to mysterious red and orange lights and disappearing children, it’s even been the subject of lots of scientific research trying explain what exactly is going on there. 
But are these bizarre happenings explicable? What exactly is causing this serenely beautiful place to gain such a dark reputation?

Edited by Maxwell Holechek

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s the Superman Curse!

As one of America’s most iconic heroes, everyone knows Superman. But does everyone know that attached to Superman is a curse? 

From the untimely death of George Reeves to Christopher Reeves accident, America’s hero is steeped in tragedy. But like all stories, is it really a curse or a series of unfortunate events?

TW: Talk of suicide. 

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The Mysteries at Boleskine House

With owners like Aleister Crowley and Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, and bizarre history of fires while allegedly being built atop a cemetery, the Boleskine House in the Scottish Highlands has quite the reputation. Did Aleister Crowley’s occultist rituals leave behind evil remnants that continue to haunt the space, and leave him with the moniker “The Beast of Boleskine”? Did a local wizard in the 17th century really raise bodies of the dead, giving a local minister the not-so-fun job of having to put reanimated corpses back in their graves on that land? 

The Oregon Vortex & House of Mystery

One of the oldest OG Americana roadside attractions, The Oregon Vortex and House of Mystery attracts tourists, skeptics, and Mulders alike. With bizarre energy, trees that grow away from its center, animals that won’t enter, and its allegedly unexplained properties, it has been the cause of mystery for decades. Join us as we review every possible explanation of the weird behind this location – we’ve got it all: ghosts, aliens, demonic portals, optical illusions, capitalism, you name it!