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About Ghoulish Tendencies

We’re two spooky ghouls, united in the PNW with a mutual love for all things ghostly, haunted, unexplained, and murderous.

Meet Gabi

A Seattle transplant from Los Angeles, who has always fancied all things spooky, bizarre, and unexplained. Makeup artist and brand executive by day, podcaster and ghost hunter by night.

She also has an English degree in creative writing, enjoys dogs, baking, and the X-Files.

Meet Kim

An original Seattlelite and self-confessed theatre nerd with degrees in theater and Shakespeare.

She is a teacher and director for children’s theater by day, and a tour guide at Spooked in Seattle by night, specializing in ghost and true crime tours. She is a human encyclopedia of the Horror film genre and enjoys talking all things ominous.

Podcast created by Gabi Fiore and Kim Douthit

Produced and edited by Gabi Fiore

Music by Dan Moretti

Website assistance from Jacob ‘Jake’ Rice

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