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Update! Lady of the Dunes and the Deaths of Manzanita and Dolores Mearns

The Lady of the Dunes has been identified as Ruth Marie Terry! But that’s only the first part of solving her murder. And the suspect may have killed before…

Shortly before her murder, Ruth Marie was married to a man named Guy Muldavin, a man whose previous wife and stepdaughter also mysteriously vanished… 

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She Talks to Ghosts featuring Jennifer Page

Join us as we interview spirit medium and host of I Talk To Ghosts Podcast, Jennifer Page, to explore the realm of spirit mediumship and communication in the modern world, with a potential sidebar about metaphysical dicks. Stick around to hear Jennifer Page give a spirit reading to Gabi during the second portion of the episode!

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Featuring: Jennifer Page, I Talk To Ghosts Podcast

Missing and Murdered: Shirley Ann Soosay

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women is an epidemic in the US and Canada that leaves families looking for their loved ones in the dark, without justice, enough recognition, or support from law enforcement in investigating or solving cases in the same way that other non-indigenous cases receive attention.

Shown Notes

Trigger Warning: Sexual assault and murder

In 1980, two women were found brutally murdered in Southern California, neither of which could be identified. They were named Jane Doe Kern County and Jane Doe Ventura County. Their cases have gone cold and frigid for 40 years, until attention to DNA and investigative genetic genealogy, and a niece, Violet Soosay, looking for her Aunt Shirley, brought attention to the cases, and eventually identified Jane Doe Kern County as Shirley Ann Soosay.

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The Highgate Vampire

In 1970, a case of vampire hysteria hit London with the alleged sighting of a blood thirsty entity in Highgate Cemetery. Join us for a wild ride full of superstition, occultism, death, media, hysteria, paranormal investigations, and the classic case of 2 men who tried to one up each other with who could stake the claim (pun intended) on this bizarre entity sighting in an old London cemetery.

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