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The Mysteries of the Hoia Baciu Forest

Deep in the heart of Cluj-Napoca, Romania lies what some call the “Bermuda Triangle of Romania.” The Hoia Baciu Forest has quite the reputation of bizarre happenings – between reports of paranormal phenomena like UFO sightings, ghosts, weird energy fields, and a clearing where nothing living can grow, to mysterious red and orange lights and disappearing children, it’s even been the subject of lots of scientific research trying explain what exactly is going on there. 
But are these bizarre happenings explicable? What exactly is causing this serenely beautiful place to gain such a dark reputation?

Edited by Maxwell Holechek

Ask the Ghouls: WWGTD?

Happy New Year, Ghouls! You asked, and we answered. Literally. Thanks to those who are curious about the pod and what we do, this episode focuses on a Q&A posed to Kim and Gabi about the podcast! Thank you to those of you who asked questions and stay curious (and spooky). We had a blast!

The Disappearance of Kenny Veach

In 2014 hiker Kenny Veach posted a YouTube video about his experience with a mysterious cave that left him shaking and with a strange feeling of dread. Prompted by other commenters, he would set out to find the cave again and never return…

What happened to Kenny Veach? Did he get lost in the desert? Abducted by aliens? Start a new life someone somewhere? Does the mysterious M Cave exist or was it all an elaborate hoax? The quest for answers only leads to more questions. 

TW: Talk of suicide.

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The Disembodied Feet of the Salish Sea

Since August 2007, at least 20 disembodied human feet have been found in shoes on the coasts of British Columbia and Washington state, with the most recent foot washing ashore this past summer. 

But why? Where did all of these disembodied feet come from? Was it another PNW serial killer dumping bodies into the Salish Sea? Was it foul play? Or was it a result of natural causes? And why just the feet? Join us as we put our best foot forward in undressing this weird podalic phenomenon. 

TW: brief discussion of suicide.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s the Superman Curse!

As one of America’s most iconic heroes, everyone knows Superman. But does everyone know that attached to Superman is a curse? 

From the untimely death of George Reeves to Christopher Reeves accident, America’s hero is steeped in tragedy. But like all stories, is it really a curse or a series of unfortunate events?

TW: Talk of suicide. 

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The Mysteries at Boleskine House

With owners like Aleister Crowley and Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, and bizarre history of fires while allegedly being built atop a cemetery, the Boleskine House in the Scottish Highlands has quite the reputation. Did Aleister Crowley’s occultist rituals leave behind evil remnants that continue to haunt the space, and leave him with the moniker “The Beast of Boleskine”? Did a local wizard in the 17th century really raise bodies of the dead, giving a local minister the not-so-fun job of having to put reanimated corpses back in their graves on that land? 

Rodney Alcala: The Dating Game Killer Part 2

In Part 2 of our two part episode, the case takes a turn for the bizarre when Alcala competes on an episode of The Dating Game. His killing spree was as far from over….join us as we dive into the remaining crimes, his capture, and ultimately a slew of potential victims still waiting to be identified. 

Rodney Alcala: The Dating Game Killer Part 1

Rodney Alcala grew to notoriety for having appeared on The Dating Game while he was in the midst of a murder spree. But what do we really know about him? 

In the first of this two part episode we look at Rodney’s early years, early arrests and far too many early releases which culminated in the start of a series of brutal murders. 

TW: Child abuse, rape, murder.

The Origin of the Vampire

Vampires have always been terrifying, alluring, and mysterious. The folklore surrounding vampirism dates back centuries, and is still a hypnotic bite of lore today. But where did the lore come from originally? And how did such lore and fear of the unknown catapult the vampire epidemic to its peak? You think you may know, but do you? 

Join us for a deep dive into the history of vampire legend and lore, with a light splatter of vampiric tales as spooky season picks up momentum!