The Los Feliz Murder Mansion: Part Two

TW: murder and suicide.

Most people have heard of the Los Feliz Murder House. If you have the internet, you’ve probably heard about it. A tale of a murder suicide in the 50’s during Christmas time, where a doctor had killed his wife, attempted to kill his daughter, then killed himself with Nembutal and pills. The house was then left as it was post murder for decades – a literal 1950’s time capsule – with rumors of the paranormal, eventually becoming a hot spot for dark tourism.

In part two of this two part topic, we discuss the history of the house, the curse associated with it, and the weirdness of patterns of deaths and abandonment of the home for years.  Is the house and property really haunted? Was it really lived in all those years? And who owns it now? Join us as we debunk this urban legend and bring some truth to the decades of bizarre stories. 

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