Fox Hollow Farm Part 1: The Murders

When authorities found thousands of human bones scattered in the woods of Fox Hollow Farm in the 90s, all arrows started to point at one potential culprit of the plethora of missing and murdered gay men in the Indianapolis area.

Show Notes

Herb Baumeister seemed to be the normal dude with a family, living in a relatively normal residential neighborhood of Indianapolis. No one knew how dangerous he really was, or the capabilities he had to live a double life and hide it from his family. In this episode, we explore the murders along a highway between Indiana and Ohio, and piece together the clues left behind by Herb Baumeister at Fox Hollow Farm. Stay tuned for the residual and potentially ghostly remains of Fox Hollow Farm next week in Part 2: The Hauntings.


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Researched, Written, Edited & Produced by Gabi Fiore

Music by Dan Moretti