Fodor: The Alma Fielding Poltergeist, Part 2

In the heyday of spiritualism, Alma Fielding’s haunting and poltergeist activity in Croydon was initially impossible to debunk, a true diamond in the rough for parapsychologist Nandor Fodor. But was it legit?

Show Notes

Trigger Warning: Child death or lost pregnancy, traumatic events and sexual abuse.

Alma Fielding experienced a plethora of paranormal activity: flying objects, breaking glass, scratches and violence, psychic shoplifting, manifestation of objects and living animals out of thin air, and even astral projection. Fodor was eager to identify if these happenings were actually paranormal, or if Alma was consciously, or subconsciously, manifesting them – and if so, why were they being manifested?


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Edited & Produced by Gabi Fiore

Music by Dan Moretti