Boooobs: The (Haunted?) Palomino Club with Betsy Sodaro

This very special episode features actress and comedian, Betsy Sodaro, and delves into the dark past and present of Las Vegas’ Palomino Club. Nudity, murders, and ghosts? Oh my!

Show Notes

Betsy Sodaro (Golden Arm, Duncanville, A Funny Feeling Podcast) joins Gabi and Kim to discuss the paranormal, its intrigue, and what would happen if she came face to face with a full bodied apparition. Join them on the journey of debate that is The Palomino Club: one of Las Vegas’ first Gentleman’s Clubs, riddled with shady shit, multiple murders, strange energy, and even, perhaps, a stripper ghost? 

Guest: Betsy Sodaro


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Researched, Written, Edited & Produced by Gabi Fiore

Music by Dan Moretti