Ghost Ship: The Unsolved Mystery of the Mary Celeste

Superstition at sea is strong, and the bizarre mystery of what happened to the Mary Celeste and her crew was ripe with theories. In 1872, the Mary Celeste was found fully stocked with everything except her crew, in the middle of the ocean, with little evidence pointing to what happened.

Show Notes

The Mary Celeste is a mysterious tale. A ship that was found alone, in the middle of the ocean, without any crew or captain on board, but fully stocked with supplies. Through the decades, a lack of hard facts has only spurred speculation as to what might have taken place. Where did the crew go and why?

Join Kim and Gabi for a wild ride of history, hypotheticals, bad puns, and a fair share of Scullying as we debate what happened to the 10 people aboard the Mary Celeste.