Abducted: The Travis Walton UFO Incident

On November 5th, 1975, Travis Walton and his forestry coworkers witnessed a UFO, and Travis was subsequently abducted. When he showed up 5 days later 30 miles from his home, many questions remained unanswered. Where did he go?

Show Notes

In one of the most well documented cases of abductions, Travis Walton’s story inspired the book and 1993 film “Fire In The Sky”, where his coworkers were accused of murder until Travis showed up days later, after the whole team passed polygraph tests. How could they all be telling the truth about aliens and UFOs? Was this a real experience for Travis, or was it a facade? Join us as we dive deep and let you decide.

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Researched, Written, Edited & Produced by Gabi Fiore

Music by Dan Moretti